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Office planning tool for optimizing your workspace, from efficient desk management to easy equipment inventory and insightful reporting.

Desk & Space Management

Effortlessly book a desk or gather your team in a meeting room to discuss latest office gossips

Equipment Management

Simplify equipment management by allocating it to desks or users, ensuring easier onboarding and offboarding process

Insightful Reporting

Gain valuable insights into office trends and enhance usability with our comprehensive reporting features

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Desk Booking

Everyone loves a good view, right? Select and book a desk easily at a spot you love the most! Don't worry if you need to bring a second monitor, we have you covered by showing all the available resources at each desk

Workplace Wellbeing

Do you feel anxiety going to the office? Almost 30% of employees feel anxiety working due to uncertainty if they will have a desk next to the team or will they need to sit across the office with unfamiliar faces.

Data Analytics

Is it time to change your office or buy new desks? Let us help you with providing you reports on your office usage and trends. This will allow you to make data-driven decision!

Inventory Management

Where's that sheet with all the names and equipment? Forget that medieval stuff - track all the equipment provided to employees with us! Keep records of serial numbers, lease period and other important information

Meeting Rooms

It's time to have a workshop with the team? Swiftly book a meeting room and make sure it has all the equipment needed!

Create Teams

It's always nice to keep track of your teams and help new colleagues onboard easier, right? Create teams and have them all at one place and make sure they thrive!


In WhoDesk, users have the option to either request a permanent desk assignment or book available desks for specific periods using the web application. With a permanent desk, users enjoy a dedicated workspace, while desk booking offers flexible access to desks as needed, all conveniently managed through the web application.

WhoDesk streamlines office management by allowing users to register and assign equipment to desks or individuals. All registered equipment can be conveniently tracked and managed through the dedicated equipment tab, facilitating easy oversight.

WhoDesk reports provide valuable insights for office management. They show trends in office usage, user activity, and overall office usability. By analyzing this data, administrators can optimize office space, understand usage patterns, and make informed decisions to improve efficiency and productivity.

For detailed information about WhoDesk pricing and billing, please reach out to us directly. Our pricing model is based on user licenses, and we're flexible to discuss subscription options that fit your budget. Billing is handled on a monthly basis, ensuring convenience and flexibility for our users.

To discover the value you can gain from WhoDesk, we encourage you to reach out to us. We can schedule a call to offer you a personalized demo and discuss how WhoDesk can address your specific needs and challenges. Contact us today to book your demo and start maximizing your office efficiency.

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